Will it improve your life by 1000x?

Hey friends a thought: when you think about buying something new, just ask yourself, do you think it is 1000 times better than what you already got, or will it improve your life by 1000 times?

Why 1000x?

It seems most of the things that we get in our lives are very trivial gains, maybe 3 to 5% better. For example, the new versions of car that come out every year, the new phones, the new laptops, etc. All the gains are minimal and trivial, and typically a waste of our time and our energy.

For example, the new iPhone that comes out every year is not 1000 times better than the one you already got. But going from not having a smartphone to getting a smart phone is probably 1000 X difference. Therefore, it seems that the best rational option is this: only upgrade your iPhone if your old one is broken.

Will it be 1000 times faster?

Another thought: will the new version of this car be 1000 times better or faster than the one that came before it?

For example, if you don’t have a car, and then you get a car, certainly your ability to go 1000 times further than walking alone makes sense. for example, if you like going on hikes or doing outdoorsy stuff, owning even a cheap car is better than not owning any car. But upgrading your Toyota Camry to a Lexus might only improve your life by 5%.

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