Your clothing should evolve with you, not the other way around

A funny thing I learned about fashion: a lot of people try to force themselves to wear certain fashions, rather than thinking that the fashion should actually fit them.

Thus, fashion is like a Procrustean bed, that is, we see what fashions are trending and popular, and we try to change ourselves to fit the fashion, rather than the other way around.

How to choose your profession

Another thing: it seems that we try to unnaturally change our children in order to become a certain job or profession, rather than looking at their natural inclination‘s and figuring out what best fit their natural inclinations.

What’s the best car color?

Depends on where you live, and what you do. For example, if you live in the blazing hot sun of Southern California or Arizona, it seems that white or yellow is probably the wisest. Why? It has the most passive cooling technology. Maybe that’s why all RVs are also painted white.

What is the best phone? Depends on your hand size

Not all hands are made alike. Some of us have bigger hands and some of us have smaller hands. If you tend to have smaller hands, best to get a iPhone mini, to accommodate one-handed texting.

What are the best clothes for traveling?

Same thing, depends on where you’re traveling to, or where you’re going to live. For example, if you’re going to be in a humid area or south east Asia, all merino wool everything is wise. when I was living in Vietnam, it seemed impossible to wear any cotton fabrics, or any jeans.

Therefore with clothing, don’t think about what is cool or fashionable, but think about the climate in the weather you’re going to be in, and what outfit would best fit that.