Mobile productivity

He thought: would it be best for us to just always be out and about, outside of our homes, in public places but just doing work and being productive in our phones? I think so.

In praise of being productive with the iPhone

One of the biggest game changers I’ve discovered for myself is being able to blog on the go with the WordPress iOS app on my iPhone. In someways, it is actually more fluid and seamless than even using WordPress on my desktop or laptop.

The more you walk, the better

Friedrich Nietzsche said do not trust any thought that didn’t come to you while walking. That is to mean that the best ideas come to you while you’re walking.

What is the worst existence? To stay indoors all day. To never be able to leave, and to explore the open world, which is public places. even when I worked my old 95 office job, I think I hated the most was being in the office all day. My ideal lifestyle was always being out in the streets, always being out in public. The street photography way.

In praise of walking and voice dictation on the iPhone

For me the greatest game changer was discovering voice dictation on the iPhone, and being amazed on how good it is. Because I was a late adopter to the iPhone, I never had the stigma of using Siri, or using voice to dictate.

In fact, talking is natural in speaking is natural, whereas writing is unnatural. Thus in order to become a more productive blogger, maybe we should just voice dictate more. That is, to just stream our thoughts with our voice.

The iPhone is the ultimate mobile computer and device?

Certainly I am much more productive when I am on the laptop and a phone. Yet I am interested in the ability for the iPhone to allow us to adopt a more mobile lifestyle. The more mobile an active you are, the better. That is, the more time we spend outdoors, the more time we spend walking, and getting fresh air and sunshine.

Long story short, when in doubt don’t be at home. In fact, I think your happiness is directly proportional to the time you spend outside of home.

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