Hate is contagious

Something I’ve learned: be very very wary of people friends and family who often hate on others. Why? Hate is contagious. Hate is like a poison and disease, which we do not desire to be affiliated with.

Why do haters hate? My observation: haters actually hate themselves, and they do not know the reason why they’re suffering. Thus they try to channel the negative energy by hating other people. But not in realizing that in fact, the problem is themselves.

Why hate on successful people?

Another thing: often people will hate on successful people, because they look at those individuals and think to themselves:

Wait a minute, that person is a lot less skillful than me, but why are they so successful? it should be me who is getting the success, not them.

To hate is easy and lazy, to strive to understand is more difficult

For example, when it comes to politics, each side turns other into a villain. But to hate takes no skill. It takes much more skill to strive to understand the other party and other individual. In fact, it seems that the job of the sociologist isn’t to figure out what is superior and inferior, but simply to gain the wisdom and understanding of people.

Oh really? Why is that?

Being raised in the Bay Area, my general political affiliation and leaning is towards the left and liberal. However, when I hear right wing commentary, I don’t dismiss those people as being wrong or evil or sinister. I just strive to understand why they think that way.

Thus in order for us to make a better world, maybe strive to gain the wisdom to understand others, rather than vilify them.

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