Dear friend,

Why do we do photography? Because it is our art.

Why do we not consider our photography our art? Is it because the bias that photography is not a ‘true’ art, because it is too easy (compared to oil painting)? Or is it because of the elitism of the art world?

Regardless, we must pursue our photography art. Why?

1. Why is our photography art so important?

First of all, let us consider–

After you have a trillion dollars, then what?

It seems the greatest joy we have as humans is creation. Creating kids, creating artwork, creating ideas, etc.

Also, creation is 10000x more fun than consumption. The purpose of consumption as a means to creation.

2. Flow state?

Another theory:

We are happiest when we are in a ‘flow’ state.

What is a flow state? When you are so deeply embedded into an active experience that you forget time, space, sense of self, etc.

For example, when we are focused on shooting street photography, creating, writing, etc … we almost have an ‘out of body’ experience.

I know for myself, I get this flow state when powerlifting, when writing (blogging), teaching, and shooting street photography.

Then the question is–

Why is a flow state so important?

Because when you are in a flow state, you gain some sort of ‘superhuman’ powers, in order to create … to another level.

3. Your photos are a work of art

For me, the greatest joy I get in my photography is when I look at my own photo and think:

Wow, that is a beautiful photograph.

To be able to judge your own photos with great joy and delight.

You want to make photos you love; photos you love to look at, and re-experience past experiences.

4. How to build your self-confidence as a photographer artist

I find it very interesting that children have no problems or qualms saying that they are artist, and they love art. However, as we become adults, we seem to think that told me legitimacy in art is if you become famous or make a lot of money. And in America at least, famous is as a shortcut to wealth.

But what if you are already wealthy? This is at least a good thing, because you no longer put your self-worth or ego in your artwork, and it’s money making capability.

Then I say make art, because it’s fulfills you. As you create art, you discover new secrets to life, and to yourself.

5. Never stop experimenting

What is the joy of the scientist, to keep innovating, experimenting, and finding new discoveries. And for us artists, it is the same.

Where should you share your experiments? Simple: on your own website or blog. What is the goal? To empower yourself and others through art. Art is the great reason and stimulus to life!


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