Tesla white car

How Electric Cars Are Superior to Gas Cars

I’m quite certain that my next car will be an electric car. Why?

First of all, if you want an electric car as just a vanity item, you can let it sit in the garage as long as you want, without concerning that the battery will drain, or the car won’t turn on. Compare this with internal combustion engines, in which you need to turn the engine every once in a while so it doesn’t die.

Second, Elon musk said it best. Nobody likes going to the gas station. Also, at this point it feels that guess stations are very unhygienic. I don’t like to touch the pump nor the machines, when filling up my tank.

Third, it seems that if you buy an older used Tesla, it is pretty much at the bottom of the depreciation chart. Thus in someways, you could drive it and when you want to get rid of it, you could probably sell it for as much as you bought it for.

Fourth, it is faster. That is, the acceleration is far faster than any gasoline car, which means that you can quickly accelerate your car to avoid potential accidents. For example, there have been some cases where I’m driving a gas engine car, and when turning onto a busy intersection, a car that is going over the speed limit behind me almost hits me because I cannot accelerate fast enough. Thus ironically, having a faster car in speed can be better for your safety.

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