Joshua Tree

Finally was able to make it out to Joshua tree, after many years of living in Southern California. Highly recommended for a quick family road trip. Just rent a nice Airbnb close by, and it seems that spending two nights there in the Airbnb is sufficient.

During the day, go to skull rock, to go on an epic rock hike. To be surrounded by these monumental stones is quite awesome. Also the Ryan Mountain Trail, to strengthen your legs and get epic views.


This notion of Glamping is quite funny. Essentially you end up renting a nice bougie Airbnb, and during the day you go on epic hikes and in the evening you go back to your nice Airbnb, and have a nice word cooked meat to barbecue, or enjoy a nice hot tub.

Also what I love about going to nice and well designed Airbnb‘s is that having a new change of scenery and aesthetics is quite inspirational and good for photography.