In Praise of Blended, Hybrid Crossover Design

Nowadays there seems to be a bias towards single origin, or 100% pure things. but what if a hybrid model, a blended model, or a crossover design was actually better?

For example, even though Tesla cars are incredibly cool and sexy, I just don’t find having 100% electric car as convenient or practical as having a hybrid car. Electric charging still takes forever, whereas filling up your gasoline car takes minutes.

Also, if you like doing random road trips, a hybrid car will offer you a lot more flexibility and convenience.

I’m not quite sure about plug-in hybrid cars, but it seems that plug-in hybrid car offers the maximum upside of both gasoline and electricity.

For example, you could still park your car in the EV parking spot, and even use the free public electric charging stations to plug in your car.

Why the crossover SUV segment is so popular

Just like why hiking sneakers are getting so popular now. People like the idea of having the convenience of it all. Nike ACG (all conditions gear) as picking up heat. Or the Adidas Hiking goretex sneakers.

Or why the athleisure market took off so much. People like the idea that they could do yoga or work out whenever they want to come out without having to be prepared.

I think ultimately people like the idea of having some sort of small four-wheel-drive all-wheel-drive car, that they could take anywhere anytime. And also the convenience of having a hatchback allows you to fit more stuff into your car. this is why the Tesla model Y is more popular than Tesla model 3.

Blended coffee

Even though a lot of coffee snobs well ask for the single origin coffee, real coffee people know that the blends are often superior.

Same goes with metals and alloys, having 100% gold is not wise, as it bends to easily.

Also with clothing, even though I love my 100% Marino wool clothing, the durability is very weak. Therefore it seems that even with clothing materials, 100% anything is bad. Perhaps the optimal clothing is a blend of natural and synthetic materials. Maybe some sort of durable nylon mix with merino wool.

In praise of mixed race kids

More genetic diversity in your kids will make them stronger.


Perhaps some more we can mix things, upcycle things, crossover things, hybridize and blend things, the better.

Or another words, purity is bad.