Your body as the ultimate design (towards human design focus):

Why is it that we seek faster cars, or new cars with better design, or upgrading our homes, iPhones, cameras, laptops, and things? Perhaps it is because we seek to become more powerful, or we seek to become more beautiful.

But isn’t it a better and more effective idea to upgrade our bodies instead?

Do you want to be the nerd driving the new Ford mustang GT?

The other day I was driving somewhere, and I saw a sweet new Mustang GT, all blacked out, with a mean sounding muffler. As it is usually my custom, I was curious who the driver was. As I drove closer, I was much dismayed to see that the driver was a very nerdy looking guy. Much antithetical to what or whom I imagined.

Which makes me think, when we buy certain things, is it simply an idealized version of ourselves? And isn’t it more effective to use that money to upgrade our bodies instead, instead of our things?

For example, spending our money to buy more fatty steak meat, which essentially is The most effective creatine or flesh to augment our bodies and muscles. Or maybe spend more money on pastured eggs, with more orange yolks, which are more nutrient dense. We’re spending that money on a chin up bar, heavy 105 pound kettle bells, or a gym membership we could do some heavy sumo deadlifts.

On becoming more indifferent to our possessions

If you really truly do imagine yourself as an Apex male alpha, or a very masculine person, maybe it actually makes more sense for you to drive a much more unassuming car, or a less “masculine“ car. more impressive if you have a phenomenal physique and just drive an old used manual transmission Subaru, or maybe even drive a Prius. Better than being the legions of Nerds who drive Tesla cars, thinking that it makes them more interesting.

You got nothing to prove to others.

Another simple heuristic I learned in life: when you go to a fancy party, it is often the least successful people who are dressed the most fancy. And the most successful people are just the most casually dressed ones. For example my friend Marcin who is hugely successful, was able to meet the Prime Minister just wearing jeans. Even the silicon valley tech billionaires go into fancy restaurants just wearing jeans and a hoodie.

If you know you know.

I met my friends boyfriend who is in the Hollywood movie industry and he told me something interesting. The A-list actors are often very humble and down to earth, whereas it is the aspiring B list actors are the most demanding and prima donna.

Successful photographers

Another thing I learned about going to these fancy photography parties: it is actually the successful photographers who use the most common cameras, whereas it is the aspiring photographers who always have to wear the most expensive Leica camera around their necks. maybe it is a compensation thing: why short guys have to drive huge trucks.

It is often closet gay men who are the most homophobic?

Another funny thing: I found that the most straight and heterosexual men are the ones who are the most comfortable with being seen as feminine. And it is often the men who are the most anti-gay or homophobic or actually the closet gay ones.


Before I get off to off-topic, essentially it is this: disintegrate your possessions with your body and sense of worth.


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