When it comes to investing, why do we feel like we need to make prudent monetary investments towards the future? The problem with investing towards the future is this: the future is uncertain, but your present today self is certain.

I say that the best investing is self investing towards yourself with a more definite end.

Buying innovative products will not make you innovative

If you buy the most innovative car, like let’s say a Tesla, that will not make you more innovative. Similarly speaking, buying the most new innovative iPhone pro won’t make you more innovative either.

Same things with cameras. Buying the newest most innovative camera will not make your photography any more innovative.

Also, buying the brand new hot sneakers will not make you more interesting. I just like how buying a new all-wheel-drive car will not make you go hiking or camping any more often.

Aspirational investments

Whenever we try to pull ourselves at a certain purchase is a “investment“, it is simply an aspiration. but perhaps it is more wise to think about your real desired end, and just go straight to that.

For example, if your desire is to go hiking more, just use the car you already got to go hiking more.

If your desires to take more photos, or find more inspiration to take photos, just leave your house with your camera and take more photos.

The desire to make yourself new again

Maybe personal innovation is the goal.

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