The reason why notions of improvement in self improvement are good as this: the tells us that we can grow, evolve, and become stronger. In a world where you cannot improve, you have no free will and you are destined to the fates.

Then, improvement in our photography seems to be the goal. But what does this mean and how can we do it?

1. Master your camera

The downside of owning more than one camera and one lens is this: you never really have the opportunity to master it.

You don’t need to learn how to use your camera in fully manual mode, I recommend using the program P mode and just using exposure compensation instead. but what is essential is mastery of your camera, that is understanding the nuances of your camera, the core functionality of it, and how to always be responsive and always capture the decisive moment.

2. The iterative approach

Don’t hate, iterate.

What does it mean to iterate? That you just shoot it, see if you like it or not, and figure out how to change it next time.

3. Do not track your progress compared with others

Improvement and self improvement means you only look at yourself in the mirror, and you ignore everyone else around you.

What is better or worse than photography? It is all subjective. Thus you must become your own ruler and your own master. That is, you’re the only one judging your photos.

4. When to ask others for constructive feedback as the best place to get honest and constructive feedback on your photos.

Otherwise attend a photography workshop in which you actually like the photos of the instructor. Then ask the Instructor for their own honest feedback, with constructive intent.

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