What is it that we are searching for or seeking for? I believe it is searching for the upside without the downside. Or maximizing the upside while limiting the downside.

For example, it seems the best way to maximize the use of coffee and caffeine is intermittent coffee, that is only drinking coffee before 10 AM. this way, your body has at least 10 hours to metabolize the caffeine so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep. I’ve been thinking whether a life with coffee or a life without coffee is better, and it almost certainly seems that a life with coffee is 10 times more desirable than the life without coffee.

Or with money and wealth, certainly having more money and wealth is desirable, up to a certain point. If your money and wealth can prevent you from having to work a 95 job, then your money is valuable. But if you’re in a state where you’re afraid of losing your money, you’re a fragile position. Even if you’re a billionaire.

With smart phones, it seems the best way to maximize the upside of having a smart phone while minimizing the downside is this: use an iPhone not an android. Android and Google is designed to steal your attention. And the biggest downside of smart phones is losing focus.

And disable all of your notifications, including text messages. Only enable phone calls and FaceTime if someone need to contact you. And no email on the phone either, the ultimate distraction. Because I’ve actually discovered the iPhone might be one of the ultimate mobile blogging tools of all time.

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