Let us realize and recognize that everything is always a work in progress. In fact, when are creative projects are done, it is quite anti-climactic. In fact, the ultimate completion to life is death.

For example, what is the best iPhone and the most perfect iPhone? The one that will come out a year or two from now. And at least for our lifetimes, Apple will certainly be continuing to make new iPhones ad infinitum.

Flux is the best

The reason I love blogging so much and the Internet so much this: I am never stuck. For example, if I write and publish a hard cover book, I cannot go back in easily re-edit it. Or if I m want to build a house it is very difficult to remodel it. However, with a blog I can instantly change the appearance of it, and customize it, taking merely seconds and costing nothing.

And what things I’ve written in the past, it is so easy for me to go back and re-edit it or even delete it.

Then perhaps digital writing and digital publishing is actually superior to printed, hardcover materials.

Finality is not the goal

What is finality in life? Death. Then let us recognize that everything is a work in progress, and we delight in the work in progress. That is, the process of working on some thing is the joy and reward in itself.

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