Money is Time-Technology

A thought: when a parent buys a child a toy because they feel bad about not spending enough time with them, what is it that they’re doing? Actually what they are doing is taking the money they earn from their day job, that is their hourly wage, and transferring that time into a product. and what is the most valuable asset for a parent to do with their child? Spend time with them. Thus, what money is is simply codified time.

Why do rich bored people go to the mall?

If you go to the mall, especially high in malls like south coast plaza in Orange County, why do people go? Especially the really rich and wealthy ones. It seems to kill time, and also to kill money.

Justin Timberlake‘s best movie

Even though a lot of people criticize the film, I think Justin Timberlake’s in Time filmed is one of his best. Why? Because it perfectly represents what money really is: time.

When you have a really expensive luxury product, what are you really saying?

If you own and wear $700 sneakers, what you are saying is I have so much time to kill. And having time to kill is the ultimate marker of success.