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How to become a Street Photography entrepreneur

Let us say street photography is your passion. Then the question is how can you harness the Internet to make your passion your living?

Make a website

First step is make your own website. and I would say that having your own website and your own personal domain with your first and last name is at least 1000 times more important than any equipment you have. Your equipment will quickly get outdated, but your website won’t.

How to make money

I still think that there is a ripe opportunity for teaching workshops, either in person or online. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, I see there will be a lot more opportunities to teach online zoom workshops.

How to put yourself out there

You must become a personality. That you are the brand, and the end product. Try to make yourself more distinct and unique, and more interesting and opinionated. This is the only way to stand out.

Steer clear of social media

Don’t use Instagram. In fact, even if you’re starting off today, don’t make an Instagram. also don’t make a Facebook or a Twitter account. Certainly not TikTok or Snapchat. The only social media platform worth investing in is your own personal self hosted blog. Although google has made it more difficult for people to get discovered, it is still the best way to get discovered organically on the Internet.

Having your own website and personal blog is the best way to build your own personal brand identity and your own sense of legitimacy. having your first name last is still the best marker of legitimacy. And also create an email with your own website domain hosting, instead of using Gmail. This will look much more legitimate, and help you stand out from the hordes of people who just use Instagram and Gmail.

Has what has worked well for Eric Kim work well today?

Tough to say. I think the general principles I’ve learned are quite useful, that is what not to do. For example, don’t get distracted trying to chase brand deals, if you just want new equipment just buy it on Amazon and test it out and return it if you don’t like it.

Also I would say avoid gear reviews, because that information is not Evergreen. cameras get outdated every few months or so, whereas your own personal experience and wisdom in photography is what matters more.

Longevity is the goal

What is the ultimate marker of success? Longevity and durability. Ideally antifragility, that is as time goes on, you become better. just like a vintage wine, it gets better the longer you ferment it and own it.

Make it more philosophical

I don’t think the world needs any more Street photography tips, that is — fundamentally street photography is quite straightforward. what I think we need is more deep thoughts, or turbo thoughts about street photography. That is, the reason purpose in the way of street photography.

Build new platforms

Maybe it is a good idea to make a street photography specific platform. as my first attempt.

Move people, move products.

You can also make and build your own products. For example, how Cindy and I started haptic industries, producing camera straps, educational materials, and apparel. you create your own merchandise.

Also you want to motivate people. It seems that the more you can motivate and inspire people, the better.

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