We all want to become more artistic and creative. My thought: perhaps the secret to artistic creativity is creative constraints. That is, to choose one variable unlock it, and don’t change it, and see how you could innovate within that constraint.

For example, if you see your car as a form of artistic self expression, perhaps it is best to buy a white car (Hot Southern California), and figure out how you could innovate around that, rather than buying any other car color. for example, buying a white Tesla model three, and lowering it, Debadging it, and putting on either lime green rims or orange rims.

Or consider poetry, the creative constraint of the Zen haiku form. Then figuring out how you could best rearrange words within that constraint.

In photography, it seems location is the ultimate creative constraint. That is, with the creative constraint of your own town city or neighborhood, how can you make interesting photos?

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