How to Shoot Street Photography in the Suburbs

For those of us stuck in boring places — you can still shoot street photography; making interesting photos out of a very boring place!

1. Meet your neighbors

Walk around your neighborhood and when you meet neighbors ask to make a portrait of them (street portrait). Or while chatting with them, just photograph them candidly.

2. Photograph the houses and homes

Shoot high contrast black and white or color. Experiment shooting -2 exposure compensation — make your photos as dark and dramatic as possible.

3. Photograph the cars

Cars under covers, or just cars. Think of the Robert Frank photo in The Americans.

4. Photograph the sky

No matter how boring it may be, clouds are often interesting to shoot!

5. Photograph flags

In America, American flags are a bonus.

6. Photograph abstracts

Abstract shapes, forms, etc:

7. Photograph the foliage

Plant life, local vegetation, etc:

8. Photograph the kids

Your own kids, your nieces and nephews, neighborhood kids etc. If strangers kids, smile and wave at them while photographing them. Don’t do it sneaky— do it with a smile and it won’t be seen as creepy.

8. Photograph your selfie

Shoot selfies of yourself as you’re walking outdoors, in your shadow, reflection, etc:

9. Gritty textures

Also try using macro mode to get really close to the textures.

10. Shoot at night

Just for a walk around the block at night and shoot the light or anything. Blur often makes interesting photos. Also shooting out of focus is good.

11. Shoot urban landscapes

12. Shoot at home or in your backyard

Street photography as an ethos and approach and technique when it comes to composition and catching “decisive moments”.

13. Go on a hike

14. Go to the mall

15. Go to church or temple or your religious center for worship