This is one huge pitfall I’ve seen occur to many a great thinker: after losing their faith in God, their thoughts move towards mysticism. Thus interest in strange and foreign past mythologies, belief in aliens, belief in extra terrestrial life, and belief in strange conspiracy theories.

Why mysticism?

I am a diehard empiricist. That means, I only believe in experiences, and embodied reality. Personally I love religion because of the aesthetics, heritage, customs, and community. I do not desire a world without religion.

Why believe in mysticism?

 funny enough it seems that a lot of very intelligent people eventually fall into mysticism. Why? Too much confidence in their own intelligence.

Kind of like Spinoza: they seek a justification for everything, and don’t like the idea of chaos and non purpose. I think it comes out of a sense of fear that if you cannot understand and control some thing you’re in a fragile position.hand ERIC KIM design

What do we seek from philosophy?

I think philosophy is more of a fun pursuit of knowledge, ideas, and concepts than anything. it is the joy of ideas, as an aesthetic idea and concept.

TSelfie black and white color chroma ERIC KIM

but instead of creating artworks, they create concepts and ideas.

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