Train your visual acuity:



What we are lacking in today’s world is not cameras, but perhaps overstimulated visual senses which prevents us from seeing interesting photographic memories and opportunities.

Then the goal is for us to see more photograph moments, and to see the world more photographically.

1. You are the filter

The first insight I have to share is that you are the filter. That means reality is filtered through your eyes and personal experience. The more personally you can see the world, the better.

2. The goal is to see the world more artistically

One of the most fun things I have been doing is experimenting with a new iPad Pro with M1 chip and LIDAR technology. This allows us to see the world more abstractly which is a good thing.

3. Glitch, breakdown, deconstruct and reconstruct your photos

One of the big tips I have is to think of photos as visual building blocks of reality, akin to Lego bricks, in your goals to construct and deconstruct them. Destroying a photo is equivalent to creating a photo.

Use a program like Procreate to add gradient maps to your photos, glitch your photos, add chromatic abbreviation, etc.

4. Visual detox

The notion of a visual detox is that in today’s world, we are overstimulated with images video and imagery. So maybe for a week or a month or who knows maybe even a year, don’t watch any YouTube Netflix social media etc. Instead use that opportunity to read poetry literature philosophy. Treat it like intermittent visual stimuli fasting.