Influence, not popularity is what we desire as photographers.

1. Create and own your own platform

Your own self hosted website. Investing in purchasing your own website domain and hosting is 100000x more important than the camera equipment you have.

2. Your first and last name

Use your real life name as often as possible. The best brand name is your first and last name. Say your name as frequently as possible in your videos, podcasts, blog or anywhere else.

3. Become an icon

Quite literally. Become an icon. Have your own face become the site icon.

I also say choose a certain color, memorable. Stick with it. For me, crimson red (past was Tiffany Blue, which ironically enough is the inverse color of what I use now.

ERIC KIM selfie crimson red diptych

4. Share your experiences and wisdom frankly, without self censorship

How to Become a Happier Photographer

5. Talk about it all.

ERIC KIM eye selfie

Beyond genre or subgenre. Talk about it all. Anything of interest on your mind is good. For example, my personal interest in photography seemed to help garner more followers than had I just talked about photography and street photography alone.

6. Longevity

It doesn’t matter how successful you are this year or this month or this week. What matters is how successful you are on the decade plus.

7. Become an educator and teacher

What is the best way to influence others? To become an educator and teacher. Because as you teach others, they will continue to teach others as well. Thus your legacy will continue.