I thought in my mind as a new parent: what is exactly that we desire our children to become? To become new consumers? To become new producers?

What morals and ethics do we want to instill them with? And how do we want to raise them differently than our parents raised us?

Carte blanche morality

I like the idea that a child is a pseudo blank slate: that is, certainly they do pick up some attribute from their parents in terms of biological DNA and personality, yet so much of this is activated by different ways of socializing them. Epigenetics is the closest concept I’ve learned regarding this.

Being raised Catholic, and being raised in the church, I’ve learned a lot of morality and ethics which has served me well. But also a lot of concepts which have served me poorly. Then the question is, what type of morality and ethics do I want baby Seneca to have?

Perhaps the most interesting way to approach this is to take a chance, and try out an experimental type of morality. Fresh slate. First principles morality.