Kettlebell 105 pounds 48kg


Never work out when you’re tired, just get more sleep and rest. Spend longer time for rest and recovery, and only work out when you have accumulated excess strength.

Or another words, don’t get back to working out right after the birth of your child. Just focus on extreme sleep and recovery.

Ever since I was a kid, that is, a fat kid who was teased and bullied a lot, I’ve always been fascinated with working out, brawn strength and muscles. I started lifting dumbbells when I was 12 years old, and haven’t stopped since.

It was my personal aspiration to become the strongest out of all my friends and stronger than all my friends. With powerlifting my aspiration was the same as an adult.

Yeah now that I’m on full-time baby duty with baby Seneca, I haven’t had the opportunity to go to the gym. Instead, I’ve just been working out at home with a chin-up bar and heavy kettle bells. and this is always the tricky thing, having a relatively young child, I’m always exhausted and sleep deprived. Always my vigor and strength was very low.

Yet other night I finally got a good sleep, 12 hours of blissful Godlike sleep and I feel great. I actually now have the desire to lift weights and work out, rather than “forcing myself“ to work out.

Thus a theory I have about working out: it is only through the accumulation of excess vigor and strength in which our body desires to work out and expend its strength. Thus we should get rid of this silly notion that we should work out every single day, no matter how tired we are, for some sort of virtuous health.

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