To be stubborn and to be a late adopter — to wait, the great procrastination and only get things waaaaay later than everyone else.

For example, I only recently got my first iPhone ever (after almost a decade of android phones) and I’m glad I waited. iPhone 11 Pro (refurbished) is great — and I can approach it “carte blanche” and appreciate its features without any past baggage. For example I love using Siri and voice dictate. I actually appreciate the iPhone compared to early or mid adopters who take it for granted.

Or consider if you were a late adopter for Leica M digital rangefinder or even Yeezy Sneakers. You’d be able to get it waaaay cheaper than those who jumped on the bandwagon early. Now you can easily get Yeezy sneakers for only $220 (near retail, compared to the $700-800 resellers were asking for). And a used Leica M9, M9-P, or a used Leica M9 Monochrom — now is the best time to get it (bottom of the depreciation line).

Even with Tesla cars, better to get a used Tesla Model S than a brand new Model 3.

Less noise, more signal

If you’re a late adopter, you will filter out 99.9% of the noise. This is a far more efficient way to live, and also more effective as well.

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