Advice I wish I had access to:

1. Get (very) low

The lower you go, the better. Why? Low angle creates the “Superman” effect which makes your subjects look larger than life.

Tokyo, shot with 21mm lens, crouching very low

A simple way to do this is when you crouch very low and shoot looking up, pretend you’re photographing something behind your subject like the building behind them.

Tokyo. Ricoh GR II and flash

Conversely, if you shoot from a very high perspective, and make your subjects look like ants, you can also exaggerate reality in an interesting way.

2. The Dutch angle

Tilt your camera. Don’t shoot with straight horizons (boring) but instead, exaggerate the angle and tilt. Garry Winogrand style, or any of the good film noir movies (the third man, etc).

3. Triangle composition

Also, triangles are good for composition. They create strength, dynamism and unity in your photos.

4. Use a flash

A flash in street photography can be your best friend. Ricoh GR II and the integrated flash in Program P mode.

5. Shoot head-on

Photos have more force and might when you shoot head-on, rather than the side “oblique” angles.