When Should I Read?

Contrary to what others may say, I don’t think you should always be reading books. In fact, to over-read books is bad. If you always are reading, your own inner thoughts will be crowded out by the material you read in books.

I say the best time to read is when you’ve already exhausted all of your creative ideas, and you need to recharge yourself — let your creative side grow a bit fallow, and then use reading as a tool to re-stimulate your own thoughts.

Best to NOT read first thing in the morning. Mornings should be reserved for creation, which means when you first wake up don’t allow yourself to be attacked by outside and foreign stimuli. No reading or checking your phone first thing in the morning. Do your artistic creation first thing in the morning, after your morning coffee, for the freshest and most insightful thoughts and ideas.

Good reads

1. 101 things I’ve learned in architecture school

2. The will to power by Nietzsche, penguin translation

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