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Why 28mm is the Best Focal Length and Lens for Street Photography

After much contemplation and experimentation, I believe that the 28 mm lens is the best, perfect, ideal, and supreme lens for street photography, and generally most types of photography. Why? My thoughts:

1. What makes a good focal length?

First and foremost, what do we desire out of a focal length? I say, being able to capture everything. The worst is when your focal length is too narrow that you’re not able to capture everything in the frame you want to. And this is one thing I learned in Street Photography: it is easier to get closer to your subject, then to take a step back. This is why I generally hate 50 mm for street photography; it is too close.

2. More compact

Another general thing, when it comes to the laws of physics: the 28 mm lens is typically much more thin, compact and pancake than other lenses. The thinner and compacter your lens, typically the smaller and lighter and more compact your overall camera. This will mean that you are able to take your camera more often with you everywhere, and capture more decisive moments in STREET PHOTOGRAPHY.

3. Wide-angle lens with distortion is better

Contrary to what these photography nerds on the Internet say, distortion is better in photography. The more distorted your photos are, the more artistic they are, and the more interesting they are to look at.

What are we trying to do in our artwork? To exaggerate, to elevate, to exaggerate, and to accentuate what we see and experience in every day life.

4. Why the Ricoh GR III camera is the best camera of all time

The prior best camera for street photography and 28 mm lens is the Ricoh GR II. Now the king is Ricoh GR III.

RICOH GR II with positive film JPEG preset

RICOH GR II with flash

There are many things I miss about the Ricoh GR II, that is the flash. Yet all things considered, the Ricoh GR III is still superior, because of the supremely great high contrast JPEG black and white setting in-camera. This has made me more productive and efficient as a photographer, as I no longer need to shoot RAW and post process my photos as I did on the Ricoh GR II.

Also the huge benefit of the Ricoh GR 3 camera is how fast auto focus is now, how accurate it is, and how great the high ISO setting is.

5. In praise of sticking with one lens for a long time, and the benefit of prime non-zoom lenses

The best way to be more creative is to constrain yourself more. creative constraints. The longer you can stick with one focal length that doesn’t zoom, the more you could hone in your artistic and creative vision.

6. The new classic

50mm used to be the classic for Henri Cartier-Bresson. I say that in this new millennium, 28mm is now the new classic.

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