How to photograph boring things and make them look interesting

The difficulty we all face:

We see our lives and environment as boring, and we are frustrated — we hope we lived a more interesting life (or lived in a more interesting city) to make more personally interesting photos.

How to do this? Some ideas:

1. Embrace the boringness

To disdain the boring or hope for anything else is perhaps a vice. To first accept that things are boring is good. This then can allow you to best harness your situation to your benefit!

2. Monochrome and lower exposure compensation

Go as dark as possible, while still seeing the general subject matter. This will make your photos more mysterious and interesting to yourself.

3. Harness any opportunity you can

Trips to Costco or the local grocery store. Going out for errands, or anything connected to strangers and society.

4. Photograph from your car

As safely as possible, when parked.

5. Photograph your own autobiography, your own life.

Selfies of yourself. Your child. Your family, friends and those around you.

6. Simple walks around the block

Basic and brief walks around the block. Take your RICOH GR III and ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP with you and photograph anything which interests you. Look for details, textures, abstracts, decay, rust, cloth or drapery, etc.

7. Have fun with mirrors in your home

If you got mirrors at home, play with composition, layers and depth.

8. Photograph your own eye

Macro mode and focus on your own eye.

9. Remix your photos

Take preexisting photos of yours and remix them. Glitch them, apply effects and filters. Inverse them and apply gradients. Have fun with it!

10. Macro mode of ordinary things around the home

Light switches. Cheese graters. Your morning coffee cup. Anything you interact with on a daily basis!

11. Details on the street and pavement

12. Photograph nature, natural and biological things

Visit the local park or just photograph any fauna, trees or biological life around you: