32 Photography Tips by ERIC KIM

  1. If you want more photographic inspiration and opportunity, black-and-white is best.
  2. In terms of the most versatile lens, a 28 mm prime lens is your best friend.
  3. When you got nothing left to photograph, just shoot your selfie.
  4. If you want photographic composition motivation, watch old-school films. For example, any film by Akira Kurosawa, or any of the film nor classics.
  5. Rather than optimizing for the best camera, strive to optimize for the best shoes.
  6. In my experience, the best all day carry camera is a ricoh gr 3. 
  7. Any camera that collects dust on your shelf and isn’t shot with all day every day, is useless.
  8. The ideal number of multiple subjects to photograph is three. Strive towards triangle compositions.
  9. My three favorite photographers of all time include Henri Cartier Bresson, Josef Koudelka, and Richard Avedon. The three black-and-white masters.
  10. The best way to improve your photography is to walk more. Perhaps best to use your walking tracking app to see how many steps you walk in a day, and accord that with your photographic productivity.
  11. Better to shoot a bad photo than no photo.
  12. The best photo you have shot should be easily recallable in your mind.
  13. The best way to become more innovative and your photography is via negativa: that is, to delete your Instagram.
  14. With COVID-19, the best place to travel and shoot street photography is Mexico City.
  15. The more photos you shoot in a day, the happier you will become.
  16. Buying a new iPad is a better investment than buying a new iPhone.
  17. To best way to study the compositions of other master photographers, is to trace over their photos. I recommend using the Procreate app on iPhone or iPad.
  18. Approach your photography as if you were already a billionaire.
  19. The best way to spread your influence as a photographer is to start your own blog, and to post every single day. Ideally, several times a day.
  20. The best way to think about the future of photography is to think about the past of photography.
  21. How to know if your photos are good or not: ask yourself, will these photos still ring an emotional feedback 300 years from now?
  22. No photography project is ever finished. All photography projects are always a work in progress, and always in flux.
  23. There is no right or wrong in photography, only tips and suggestions.
  24. Going on on the photography road trip is a very productive practice.
  25. Ultimately digital photography is superior to film photography. However, studying and practicing film photography will make you a better digital photographer.
  26. Do you never really know how you feel about a photograph, until 10 years later.
  27. If you can make one memorable photo in your lifetime, your job as a photographer has been justified.
  28. Never ask the opinion of another photographer about your photographs, until you have consulted your own.
  29. What is photography composition? Knowing what to subtract rather than add to the frame.
  30. Buy books, not gear.
  31. Best to shoot photos while you’re hungry, and praise of intermittent fasting during the day when shooting photography. 
  32. When in doubt, just shoot it.
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