A realization:

For my whole life, I’ve always wanted to be *somewhere else*.

For example, even as a student at UCLA, I wanted to be in Paris, skipping around like Henri Cartier-Bresson and shooting street photography there– not noting for a second that LA was actually a superbly fantastic place to shoot street photography.

If pandemic has taught me anything, it is that perhaps… your home (control center, bunker) is perhaps the best place to be. For example, I’ve realized the best coffee shop is my kitchen. Why? I have all my tools, equipment, wifi, and great coffee at home — and the ability to use the restroom without worrying someone stealing my stuff. Also with pandemic times, going indoors to a coffee shop is quite a non-concept.

Even with travel — the nagging desire to always be *somewhere else*. In this way, travel is a trap — you are never happy and satisfied with where you currently are. And even worse … you don’t use the current position you got to maximize your own archimedes lever in life.


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