Something that is quite cool about the future — the trend towards non-ownership.


Towards a Non-Ownership Future Lifestyle

For example, I personally hate owning things. Why? The more things you own, the more liabilities you got, the more things you gotta maintain, worry about, etc. Even if I got a Lamborghini, I’m certain maintaining it would be a pain in the ass. $3,000 oil changes, and having to take it into the mechanic is wasted time for me. Also the stress of having some kids key it, or even the annoyance of car insurance payments, etc. So better to just rent a Lamborghini for a day or a weekend and stunt, than having to ‘own’ it and maintain it.

Similarly speaking, I have found with living scenarios, the ‘plug and play’ type of home is best. What does that mean? Getting an ‘all inclusive’ luxury condo/apartment in which the rent includes the super-fast wifi, heat, air conditioning, electricity, gas, trash, etc … and you just gotta pay one ‘flat fee’ for a month. My last apartment was a huge pain in having to setup wifi (Verizon Fios), setup local electricity and gas. Better to just move into a place (ideally a long-stay term AirBnb) and just have everything already setup and ready for you to go (including furniture).

The future of cars?

Apparently Porsche [financial services] and now Hyundai and their new Ioniq 5 is doing this — in which you just lease the car and pay one flat fee (includes the car, insurance, maintenance, etc). This is insanely convenient for me … I would prefer just a month to month lease on cars, if ever needed.


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