Only optimize for one thing.

if you try to optimize for everything, you optimize for nothing.

Perhaps the problem with modern day consumerism and our obsession with tools, gadgets, devices, cameras is this: we desire to optimize for everything.

However perhaps it is better to just optimized for one thing.

For example with cameras and photography, just optimize for image quality, get a Pentax 645Z digital medium format camera, rather than striving to get the most lightweight camera and the best image quality.

Also for example if you just want the fastest car, get a Tesla model S plaid version. But if you want to literally track race your car, get the car which is best for that. And if you actually plan on going off Rodine, perhaps best to get a Subaru STI. If you just want the best commuter car, get a Toyota Prius. If you want the ultimate flex, buy a Lamborghini of course with the scissor doors. Or if your primary concern is aesthetics and how the car looks and the design, buy the car or get the car that you consider maximally beautiful as a work of sculpture, and disregard the performance specs and perhaps even price.

Even when it comes to phones, try to just optimize for one thing. For example actually think the most important thing on the phone isn’t the camera image quality but actually the battery life in form factor. Therefore trying to get a iPhone that makes everything better seems like a bad optimization.

If you don’t want to miss any personally meaningful decisive life moments, buy and use a Ricoh GR 3. GR 3 as even superior to iPhone and iPhone Pro.

So my thought is I don’t think of the iPhone as your primary camera device, rather as your GPS texting video voice call and FaceTime device.

Even with homes, all the optimize for one thing. For example don’t try to get a home which has the best location, natural light, quiet, price, space, amenities etc. Rather just optimize for one thing. For example if location is of supreme importance you, best to get the worse apartment and up in the best location than a good apartment in a kind of good location. Similarly speaking if you want optimize for quiet, best to perhaps live in the countryside or somewhere very secluded surrounded by trees. Or if natural light is your thing, make sure to rent or buy a place With huge natural windows, floor to ceiling windows, that faces the sun in the right direction.

Even when finding your life partner, don’t try to optimize for everything. For example with Cindy I knew she was the one because we were able to have the most deep, meaningful and thoughtful conversations. Of course she is beautiful beyond compare, but it actually is truly her voice and her ability to converse deeply which attracted me most to her.

Even with performance sports and bodybuilding and weightlifting, perhaps to just best optimize for one thing. For example if powerlifting is your thing, then just optimize your workouts to increase your one rep max. This means don’t work out every day, only practice your lifts once a week, and always strive to increase your one or a max no matter what. However if muscular mass in size is your goal, then the more bodybuilding approach of training until failure, lower weights and higher reps, and eating 10 times a day might be your thing. But the important thing is to just know the one thing you’re trying to optimize for.

Back to devices — don’t think that the iPad could replace your laptop. Rather, iPad should be thought as a visual arts creation tool, like using Zen brush and procreate to create beautiful digital art. Don’t think about getting an iPad Pro to replace your laptop — this is a silly optimization. Best to just use a laptop for laptop related work, and use tablets for artistic painting and digital calligraphy work.

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