A big personal lesson I learned once having a kid is that you must radically adapt and adjust your life and lifestyle towards pursuing your passions while taking care of baby. This baby carrier has been a godsend, which still allows me to walk around, shoot street photography, think, and work mostly on my phone.

Furthermore now that I have a baby, I cannot really walk around with a laptop. As a consequence I’ve walked around and voice dictated mostly via Siri, which ironically has been far faster and more productive than typing on the laptop, with less carpal tunnel.

So perhaps irony is that having a baby has made me more productive.

Also now that I have to take care of the baby, I have to find new and creative innovative ways to integrate baby into my lifestyle, which means going to the park and doing chin-ups while he is still strapped into the baby carrier, and also doing dips with baby strapped in. Free weight vest. This is a lot of fun and interesting to me.


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