Consistency x novelty


Building upon the notion of boredom:

Perhaps the solution is to figure out what to keep consistent, and what to make novel.

For example, consistency in your tools and equipment and car, and make the novelty having new adventures, making new art works, and new attempts.

Keep the camera the same, but go on new adventures

  • street portrait Boston blue hair orange fire
  • street photography Boston distance

The problem:

We live static and boring lives, and we desire to buy a new camera or equipment to stir things up, in order to alleviate our boredom.

But better to keep your camera the same (RICOH GR III) and instead, use your time, resources, money and mindspace to go on more adventures, travels, and to have new experiences!

Keep the car, phone, and equipment the same… but book more travels

More trips within town, or booking Airbnb or hotels, eating out, going to coffee shops, etc.

Buying a new car won’t make you more adventurous. Just use the car you already got, and strive to maximize your adventures in life!




Breathe new life into yourself!