We are proud to announce that PHOTO WALLET is here, and available to order (right now) in the HAPTIC SHOP. If you desire one wallet for your everyday life and photographic adventures, PHOTO WALLET is for you. 


  • The Photographers Wallet by ERIC KIM
  • The Photographers Wallet by ERIC KIM

Why did we make PHOTO WALLET? In order to create the perfect wallet, for your everyday life, and also to encourage you to shoot more. To hit the streets more, and to know that PHOTO WALLET always has your back (2 SD card slots, always just in-case).

The best color combination

photographers wallet orange

After a long time of laboring, I finally found the ideal color combination:

Crimson red, phantom black, and brass gold.

The leather itself is a supple yet robust black leather, which remains incognito. The crimson-red stitching gives it the elegant pop, and distinguishes it from other wallets. On top of it, the brass buttons will age beautifully with you (wabi sabi aesthetics, patina).

You will never need another wallet


I do believe that (certain) products can improve our lives, give us more zen and calm in our lives, and can empower and motivate us.

For example, in the example of wallets– they are either far too expensive (‘luxury/designer’ wallets) or they aren’t functional. PHOTO WALLET is the perfect hybrid — both beautiful and functional.

Battle tested

I first came up with the notion of a photographer’s wallet based on past HAPTIC products we’ve had (namely, the currently out-of-stock ERIC KIM CASE which had two SD card slots, which was optimized for a RICOH GR camera).

photographer's wallet proportions
My personal beta testing version of PHOTO WALLET (used everyday by myself for nearly 4 years)

Furthermore, for my beta version of PHOTO WALLET, I personally tested it myself everyday for nearly 4+ years in order to know it was the perfect design. And it is. Enough room for all of your cash (and other random cards and things you want to stuff into the wallet), your credit cards/debit cards/gift cards/loyalty cards) and the golden bronze button mechanism is the ideal to keep your precious belongings safe and secure.

What new adventures await you?

The Photographers Wallet by ERIC KIM

I believe our tools should be used and abused. Why? The purpose of our equipment and tools is to encourage, motivate (or at least allay fear) in order for us to do what is most important to us:

To explore, wander, and to conquer the streets.

If PHOTO WALLET can at least give you a little bit of peace of mind which encourages you to go out and shoot, it is worth its weight in gold!



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