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A Life of Forever Change and Novelty

A thought while looking outside my window, and seeing a new electricity pole:

Wow, even seeing this slightly different version of my view is very delightful!

The electricity pole is brand-new– taller, with a darker (more aesthetically pleasing) brown wood, and there is some bright orange tape on it.

Taking it further — let us assume the ‘eternal return’ (Nietzsche’s concept assuming if our life were on loop forever) — would we prefer consistency, or a life of forever change and novelty?

I say the second!

Why buying homes and cars may not be the best idea.

For example, I love novelty, travel, and the sort. For me, even if I were a quadrillionaire, I would not desire to own my own home. Why? I get bored of homes too easily! I would prefer some sort of AirBnb living situation apartment-home concept in which I can just pay ‘month to month’ indefinitely, or even perhaps week to week, and just ‘up and leave’ whenever I want.

Similarly speaking with cars, I love cars and design. But cars are always changing, evolving and getting better. So perhaps in this way, leasing a car is smart (if one desires novelty). For myself, 3 year contracts for a lease seems too long. Perhaps a combination of renting-leasing a car (for either months, or a 1-year contract) seems interesting to me.

Even for the early buyers of the Tesla Model S (even the coveted P100D model) they are probably sad that they dropped so much money on it, given the even *MORE* epic ‘Plaid’ version is out (tri-electric motor, which can go from 0-60 in 1.99seconds!!!) Even if you were a tech billionaire who bought a Tesla Model S P100D a few years ago, you would probably feel bad or dumb for selling it and getting the new ‘Plaid’ version. Or people who would prefer the new Tesla Model S interior (looks cool, like a spaceship). Or even subtle things like the new styling of the Tesla Model S (blacked out handles, and other details). Thus perhaps if you were a billionaire:

Better to lease/rent your car, and just trade it in when you get bored of it instead of buying it and getting stuck with it.