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How to Keep Up With Your Photography

One of the challenges I deal with:

How to keep up with my photos.

What I mean by that is this:

I am shooting so much now (with the birth of my son) — perhaps on average ~500-1000 photos a day.

So the question:

How can I most effectively continue to shoot while still editing, selecting, exporting, and publishing/sharing my photos?

Some thoughts:

In praise of Apple Photos

  • apple photos favorite
  • drag photos to wordpress

First thing:

Now, I only shoot JPEG (small) on RICOH GR III, in high contrast monochrome mode, and I simply use Apple iPhotos (the default app on my MacBook Pro laptop) to keep everything organized.

I then quickly go through my photos full screen (reverse chronological order), and use the ‘Heart’ (favorite) icon ❤️ on the Touch Bar, and then I filter the photos by ‘Favorite’, then export them to my Dropbox (I keep different Version numbers, designated by a ‘Vx”). For example Seneca (Sen) versions 1-34 (Sen v34, etc).

Then what I do is upload them to my blog media library ( self hosted blog website), and then I figure out what to do with it later.

Sharing photos with friends and family

Another option:

Using Google Photos ( to create private albums, and share them directly with friends and family.

I am still figuring things out

Still my challenge:

I love all my photos, and want to share them all.

Work-Flow in Photography

In photography, it is all about work flow. How can you continue to swim in your stream of photos, and keep up the pace?

Here are a lot of new opportunities for innovation in photography — trying to ‘fix’ workflow in this sense:

In a world in which we have thousands of photos and we have no idea which to select … how can we use machine learning/AI (artificial intelligence), and human intelligence to best select our most meaningful and significant photos? as a first beta version — a new version to come.



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