Artistic Virtue-Signaling

What is artistic virtue-signaling? Simple:

When (pretentious) and petty (insecure artists) name-drop other famous artists of the past (hoping you don’t know who they are talking about), use obscure art terms, or other strange “art world” concepts to befuddle you, confuse you, make you feel small, and have them feel superior to you due to your lack of artistic knowledge, experience, or “in-speak”.

Why do people do this?

This bizarre and ritualistic need for “woke” artists to name-drop, throw out artistic terms is to assert their artistic and intellectual superiority (over you). It is almost like an artistic dick-measuring contest. Many males who perhaps aren’t as physically masculine strive to gain some sort of artistic superiority, mastery, and masculinity through their knowledge of art … and try to confuse and belittle (dumb) “muscle-head” males into a feeling of inferiority.