In Praise of Printing and Framing Your Photos

A very simple thing you can do as a photographer to augment your joy (especially with our new quarantine lifestyle in which we are spending a lot of time at home):

Print your favorite photos, and mount them on your walls at home!

It doesn’t need to be expensive

Print them as cheaply as you can. Use Costco Photo Services (what I use) and you can print your photos and have them shipped to your home. Costco prints via Fujifilm paper and Fujitsu technology — they look great, especially when you print them “luster”.

As with frames, you can buy cheap ones from IKEA or just get second hand frames from Goodwill or any other place. Marshall’s and these other Home Goods-esque stores are good.

“A photograph doesn’t exist until it is printed” – Constantine Manos

Constantine Manos, one of my photography teachers taught me this. Certainly digital photos *exist*… but printed and framed photos in your home have more utility. I recommend putting your photos in high-traffic areas in your home, so you can look at your photos frequently. For example your stairwells, your bathroom, your kitchen and living room, etc. The more frequently you can view your photos in your everyday life, the better.

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