Design Rules Everything Around Me

Everywhere I look, design is king.

For example think about Apple, Steve Jobs, and Jony Ive and now Tesla and Elon Musk. Since then, designers are the new demigods of society.

If we consider design and art as one in the same (I see design as artwork, applied in society, made practical and useful) then we realize that design and art is essential in life for human flourishing!

No design, no beauty in life

Design. We can design, designate what we surround ourselves with, how we build and decorate our habitats, our cities, our communities, and shape our tools.

Design thinking

Design as an ethos, approach, conceptual framework, way of thinking and living.

The best thing about design thinking:

You got the power to change, re-configure, adapt, and create your ideal life, lifestyle, environment, body, and world.

Mathematics, science, patterns, fractals applied to design, beauty, art and life?

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