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Dear friend,

In today’s topsy-turvy world, now is your opportunity as a photographer to shoot and document it.

An interesting insight I had recently:

Political photography IS street photography, which means… if you shoot things which are political, the photos are very interesting and meaningful.

This means:

Don’t allow yourself to become a prisoner of any genre of photography; just strive to make photos which are interesting or entertaining to you.

Extracting the maximum from any situation and scenario

  1. Let us say you are stuck in quarantine at home. Perhaps use this chance to edit, organize or figure out innovative ways to publish your work.
  2. If you are stuck at home on ZOOM all day, perhaps use this frustration as an opportunity to drive to a downtown place, park your car, and go around and shoot some street photography to clear your mind.
  3. Experiment with video if photography is starting to bore you. Video is hyper-photography; I’ve found that the more I shoot video, the more I appreciate photography.
  4. Put yourself into more social situations which inspire and motivate you to shoot photos. I find humans and social situations and scenarios are the best motivators to make photos. So go visit the local coffee shop, bakery, restaurant, or walk around downtown or in any city-urban location. It will stir up some creative inspiration within you.
  5. When in doubt, just shoot it. Shoot more selfies of yourself, of your friends and family, and use this chance to photograph every day like it were your last.

Motivational readings

Been really enjoying to read Aristotle; especially his “Politics” and his “Ethics” book. All of it is a reminder:

Philosophy has to do with human affairs.

And this inspires me:

Photography has to do with human affairs.

So anything that makes you feel human or is human, photograph it!


Motivational books

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  1. STREET HUNT: Street Photography Field Assignments Manual, Street Notes Volume II Scavenger Hunt Edition
  2. FILM NOTES: How to Shoot 35mm Film, Tips, Film Photography for Beginners and Experts
  4. Photo Journal: A Workbook & Reflection Assignments Journal
  5. CREATIVE EVERY DAY: Learn How to Photograph, Draw, and Write

Cool photo gear

  1. Henri Neck Strap
  2. PHANTOM BLACK Henri Wrist Strap
  3. ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP (optimized for RICOH GR I, II, and III)

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