How to Focus on Your Own Self-Development

One of the best ways to live:

Focus on your own self-development.

Now how do we do it?

Some thoughts:

Allow yourself to be insanely selfish and self-focused

It seems the practical thing is this:

Any moment or energy you spend focused on your own self-development, it means time you cannot help devoting to others.

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First start with the physical

I believe that physical self-development is superior to ‘mental’ self-development. Why?

If you focus on your physical self-development, your mental self-development will naturally follow.

Tune out the outside world

Focus on your own life. Before trying to intrude into the lives of others, we gotta just focus on our own life.

I believe in ‘creative isolation‘ for certain periods of time. Not for you whole life or for ever, but for certain ‘intermittent’ periods of time.

For example,

Spend a year *NOT* consuming the art works of others, and use this opportunity to let your mind go empty and fallow, in order to let your own (quiet) inner-voices to come out!

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