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Junkyard Photography

A cool photography project you can pursue:

Go to a loyal junkyard or a “Pick and Pull”, take along your camera, and shoot what you see!

The best photography is in embodied reality

Why the junkyard?

  1. You can shoot photos of people (street photography)
  2. You can photograph texture and beautiful decay
  3. You can wander and explore (the junkyard is a very fascinating place)
  4. If you live in the suburbs, good place to drive to, park your car and explore and wander … almost like an open world MMORPG (video game, massively open online RPG).
  5. Interesting fascination with cars, engines, motors, and things torn apart.
  6. You can experiment with different filters, even using the built in HDR mode on RICOH GR III has been fun for me shooting in harsh direct sunlight in difficult lighting situations.
  7. Good place to practice your composition!