How to Become a Photography Blogger

What am I, ERIC KIM? Technically I am a photography blogger.

What is a photography blogger? Many things:

  1. I blog about how to make better photos
  2. I blog on the theory and philosophy of photography
  3. I blog about random stuff which interests me and I just attach random photos
  4. I like blogging and photography and everything in-between.

So how does one become a photography blogger? Some thoughts:

Passion for images, passion for sharing information and knowledge

I love to share! If you care, share.

At this point I don’t really care for how “good” or “bad” my photos and artwork is. I just care to be genuine and to have fun with it!

Think decades.

It is hard for us moderns to think long-term, but after 10 years of blogging and shooting photos (seriously) I can say: longevity is the goal, not “goodness” or fame.