Blogging as Superior to Programming and Coding?

Blogging was a mainstream thing when I was in middle school and high school. Programming and computer programming/coding yet wasn’t a “thing”. Computer Science (when I was in college) wasn’t really that popular as a major (it was all about pre-med, pre-law, business, engineering, etc).

And the interesting thing: becoming a blogger has afforded me a far more interesting life and mode of living and entrepreneurship than had I just became a good computer programmer or coder. Unfortunately all my friends who studied Computer Science or became computer programmers/coders are kinda stuck in jobs (big tech companies) that they are either dissatisfied about, feel indifferent to, feel “meh” about, or they’re just trapped.

Which makes me wonder:

Perhaps the world needs more bloggers and individuals who share their personal perspective and view than more computer programmers?

Blogging is more barbell: you either cannot make any money off of it, or it can afford you a very good living

Let’s say you study Computer Science and you graduate college with a degree. You’re almost guaranteed at least $80,000 USD+ a year if you get an entry level position at one of the big tech firms. To study Computer Science carries almost zero risk. Why? Computers and technology are taking over the world and there is currently a massive inadequacy of competent programmers. Becoming a doctor or nurse (while difficult) is actually insanely safe. The world is getting fatter, more obese and sicker with Type 2 and Type 3 Diabetes (Alzheimers) so the future for doctors and medical workers is bright.

The blogger as the new digital celebrity

I cannot name one prominent or famous computer programmer off the top of my head but I can name many prominent bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, etc. Why? It seems to be a computer programmer or engineer is just a glorified (and very well paid) car mechanic, plumber, or electrician. I don’t know any of my computer programmer friends working at Google, Facebook, or even Apple (and definitely not) Amazon who are “passionate” about their work. But for myself and my own work, blog and platform, I am insanely passionate about what I do. Even if I didn’t make any money from my blog or workshops or products etc, I would still do it. Why? For autotelic (self driven) reasons.