playing with ZANIA and ANAVE

For the most part, I FAAAR prefer interacting and playing with kids than adults. Why? We have soooo much more to learn from children:

  1. Their phenomenal sense of creativity, disregard for rules and ‘social tact’. They speak what is *really* on their mind.
  2. I wonder if children (if we observe their thought patterns and behaviors, etc) are the more *true* form of human being. The modern adult as simply a castrated, domesticated (herd) animal. Children are like wild beasts; is this our primal nature?

Kids are the Ultimate Creative Artists

I am convinced. Children are our creative primal nature. To become a more productive, carefree and happy artist, become like your old child again!


Play Time with Zania and Anave – Park and Home Pillow Fort
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