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Dear friends,

Know right now is kinda crazy, but what do we got in our control? We have the power to photograph what we are currently experiencing, and what we are currently living through. Let us not forget; we are currently living through history. Thus it seems wise to photograph now.

Some motivational thoughts:

  1. Shoot your self, your life, your friends and family and what you’re currently experiencing. What you are currently experiencing is unique to you. Your view, perspective is valuable. Shoot it, document it for yourself and preserve it.
  2. Try to shoot street photography as far as you can: Shoot at the mall, at the beach, at the park, or just when walking around town or downtown. Mask up and just live your life.
  3. Start a blog. Blog about your experiences. Start a blog by making a website on and install On your blog, just share your personal thoughts and experiences and share your photos. Your blog is the ultimate form of social media.
  4. If you want honest feedback on your quarantine, COVID-19 or pandemic photos, upload it to and also give back and give your (brutally honest feedback) to others in the community.
  5. You can observe the socially distancing rule in street photography. Use this opportunity to practice composition, your angles and perspective. Practice shooting minimalism, just focus on one subject, and shoot for yourself.

Let us see what you got. Upload your best photos to

More turbo thoughts

  1. Avoid the ‘bread and circuses‘ (as good old Juvenal said). Junk food and junk entertainment hijacks our minds. Opt instead for zen-focus.
  2. The end of life is to generate art and ideas and share it widely; not to be ‘productive’ (which is often a Rock of Sisyphus for trudging through emails and an ever-flowing ‘todo list’).
  3. When in doubt about anything, ask yourself the question ‘Why?‘ at least 3 times, and you will probably gain a deeper truth about x, y, z.

Last thought:

Your thoughts and opinions are valuable. Share it with others via your blog, or just start your own YouTube channel or Podcast ( to get started!

And if this inspired you, feel free to forward to a friend, family member, or fellow creator. You can also signup for this newsletter or with another email here.


Just shoot it.

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