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Apple Prison

I love Apple, their products and am a self devoted Steve Jobs fan boy. But one of the reasons I returned my iPhone (both the iPhone SE and the iPhone Pro) is this:

It’s a trap.

This is what I mean:

iMessage is great, but a prison (a walled garden)

I’ve been an Android user all my life. Even back in the day when I was in college, I was always highly suspicious and anti Apple and Mac. I saw the Apple users as a bunch of strange cult like followers. Knowing what I know now, it is true. Apple is a cult. Cult as in “culture”, or someone who follows and pays homage to the Apple store, is a fanatic (to be a “fan” is short for ‘fanatic’), always on the Apple Rumors website (for no good reason) and sees technology or the newest Apple products as a panacea (cure) for their own personal ills, dissatisfactions and fears and wants. So what is the downside of this line of thinking?

Where have all the visionaries gone?

Apple was simply an extension of the genius and vision of Steve Jobs. Jony Ive as well. And Steve Wozniak. But now these giants have all left Apple, who is left?

When I go to the Apple Leadership page, I have zero idea who any of these people are, besides Tim Cook, who is essentially just a super cut and dry logistics management overseas supply chain management god. He isn’t the visionary that we are looking for.

Apple is in bed with China?

As an Asian American, Korean American Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout), and having gone through all public schools (K-12, College), I’m unusually patriotic for a left-leaning liberal. Personally I’m not afraid of China, but I am a bit concerned the fact that Apple is so interconnected and dependent on China. It certainly is possible and plausible for Apple to move her manufacturing back to America, albeit Apple will make far lesser profits. But Apple is now a $2 Trillion dollar company … can’t she afford to put “America first?”

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