ERIC KIM Critique of Competition

Why I am anti-competition and sharing the truth and fact:

If you compete in anything … you must ‘cheat’.

Let us study the classics

What is one of the best recorded things when it comes to cheating? Simple — you remember the chariot race for the funeral games for Patroclus? Yes … cheating ran ripe in order to win the prize.

If there are prizes associated with winning … to *NOT* cheat is foolish.

If you’re a modern athlete let’s say who isn’t in middle school (high school, collegiate and beyond), the temptation of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs is very strong. Consider if you’re in a situation where getting a full ride scholarship to “get out of the hood” to play for some college football team… wouldn’t you want to do some “test” or strap yourself up with some “gear” in order to give yourself an advantage?

Why All Competitors Must Cheat >>>