I Hate You Because I Cannot Be You

Or I hate you because I am no match for you.

As Nietzsche says … has any men ever admitted to this?

My theory:

When we hate people, we hate them because we are actually envious or jealous of them… because deep down, we want to be like them and act like them, but we would feel guilty or bad if we did so.

For example … perhaps everyone hates JAY Z because they wish they were as rich and successful as him. They hate Kanye West because he is married to Kim Kardashian, and they hate Kanye because he is now a billionaire, so successful, so musical, so creative, and so outspoken. Perhaps people wanna be like Kanye and speak their mind… but they lack the courage, are too cowardly, or perhaps secretly they wanna *act* like Kanye, but society or their morals-ethics have taught them that to do so is immoral?