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How to Stimulate the Local Economy

Simple ideas to stimulate the local economy:

1. Eat out

Right now local businesses (restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc) are being hit the hardest. Go order some take out, or eat outdoors, or whatever. Put on a face mask, and enjoy ‘al fresco’ (fresh air) dining if possible.

Pizza Party!

If you’re in California (Southern California) check out Cindy’s dad’s restaurant Long Hai Restaurant in Tustin (682 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780). Tell Cindy’s dad that ERIC sent you!

  • selfie ERIC KIM and cindy

If you’re in providence Rhode Island or close by, go to Figidini in Providence in Downtown. By far my favorite pizza joint in America (and I am uber-low carb!)

2. Get coffee

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Go out, get a coffee, leave a cash tip, say hello! The benefit of giving cash tips is that waiters and waitresses don’t need to report it on their taxes (more money in their pocket) and also getting a cash tip is a huuuuuuuuge motivator … far better than digital moneys!

3. Move money

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To stimulate the economy means to move more humans. This means move more money.

Give money or pay money to local artisans, local business owners (mom and pop places). The rule of thumb:

If a place is ‘cash only’, they are probably an institution worth giving your money to (this means they are probably an immigrant or working class-family which under-reports their earnings to the government … which means they really are a “mom and pop” place).

Give less money to the big corporations, more money to the little guys.


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